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AGY introduces new thermoplastic sizing systems

News International-French

17 Mar 2014

The company announces the introduction of a range of S-2 Glass and E-Glass yarns complete with thermoplastics compatible sizes for use in woven fabrics and a range of other conversion steps. 

The new yarn products launched by AGY have a sizing system tailored to achieve the optimum bond between the fibers and the thermoplastics but allow the use of the fibers in traditional glass fiber conversion processes. Some fiber manufacturers have a size system that works for several polymer systems; however the tailoring of the sizing systems by AGY shows improved performance over these multi-use systems as they are designed to meet the requirements of a much narrower range of polymers. In today’s demanding markets this ability to offer a unique solution to markets such as aerospace, sporting goods, consumer electronic enclosures, and medical devices has led to a significant demand for new yarn type products.

The new sizing systems are designed to work with a wide range of polymer chemistries and are available on a range of fiber diameters and are suitable for a range of high temperature resin systems such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPS as well as engineering resins such as PA 6, PA6.6, PA11, PA12, PC, and PBT. The sizing can be supplied on E-Glass and S-2 Glass based yarns as well as existing system used on ZenTron rovings, S-2 Glass assembled rovings and chopped glass fiber formats.

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