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AIC announces partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

News International-French

19 Jan 2015

AIC will install its latest Autoclave Management and Control Systems (AMCS) into the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and will provide planned preventative maintenance and calibration services.

The AMRC chose AIC’s control system for their larger autoclave to bring them up to speed with the latest generation of autoclave control systems on the market.

The AMRC run two autoclaves, the larger of which is 3m in diameter and 5m in length. The smaller autoclave measures 1m x 2m in size. These are used for extensive composite projects with their partners in the composite industry.

Thanks to the support and expertise from AIC and its AMCS, the AMRC will be able to improve their operations by offering a larger capacity to its partners and external customer base. The flexible AMCS will cover the many different autoclave manufacturing operations that the AMRC carries out.

AIC currently service and maintain a significant number of AMRC partners’ composite autoclaves, again highlighting their experience within the aerospace industry.

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