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AIC expands in China

News International-French

15 Mar 2013

Supplier to the composites industry, AIC, announced that it had continued its expansion into the Far East with the appointment of a new agent in Shanghai.

It will enable the company to deal with the growing demand for hot drape formers, control systems and support services for autoclaves and other composite process equipment in China.

The new agent, Pinetas, has exclusive rights to marketing and selling AIC’s wide range of products and services throughout the country. Pinetas’ office in Shanghai is responsible for this business area.

Tony Toll, CEO of AIC, said: “Everyone knows that China is a hot house of manufacturing, especially for the aerospace industry. AIC is now in a position to support this expansion by providing a unique expertise in the manufacture of process control equipment.

“The need for autoclaves, hot drape formers and other composite process equipment, is expanding exponentially. We want to bring our 40 years of experience and highly skilled team to service this fast growing market.

“I am extremely pleased to be working with Pinetas, which is a highly professional organisation with its finger firmly on the pulse of Chinese manufacturing.”