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AIC Group supplies 400°C autoclave for F1 team in the UK

News International-French

4 Dec 2014

The autoclave is designed to operate at temperatures of up to 400°C, where the normal composites processing autoclave operate at 200-300°C. 

The autoclave also reaches pressures of up to 7 bar, and achieves this in as little as 95 minutes. It is electrically heated and has an internal working size of 1.5m and is 2m in length.

It is being used to cure composite parts on F1 racing cars. A team of eight highly skilled engineers delivered the project on time and on budget at AIC’s Wallisdown factory in Dorset.

The autoclave had to be skated through the F1 team’s working factory with gaps of as little as 10cm either side in some areas but it was designed with this in mind.

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