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Airborne Aerospace supplier for APP igniters

News International-French

21 Dec 2015

Airborne Aerospace is an approved supplier to Aerospace Propulsion Products (APP). Airborne was recently audited by APP in the frame of the Vega launcher program.

APP is a specialist in igniters for rocket propulsion. APP developed and qualified the igniters for the three solid rocket motors of the VEGA launcher, which is currently in production and in operation.

Airborne is a supplier for the application of the thermal insulation layers on the igniters. This insulation protects the metal elements from the extreme heat from the combustion chamber inside the rocket motor.

The aim of Vega is to make European access to space easier, quicker and cheaper, which is fully in line with the vision of Airborne towards more affordable spacecraft manufacturing. Airborne will be supplier for APP and to hereby contribute to ESA’s smallest launcher.

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