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Airborne settles down in France for tidal blade engineering and manufacturing

News International-French

4 Apr 2014

The company announced the set up of a legal presence in Cherbourg, France. This will take Airborne a step further in achieving the ambition to become one of  the leading tidal blade engineering and manufacturing companies in the world.

Airborne strongly believes that a local facility supporting the tidal energy projects of Alstom, Tidalys and others in the Raz Blanchard is crucial to the success of the now emerging tidal industry. Airborne expects to have its legal presence in France/ Cherbourg to be in effect as of April 30th 2014.

The company is already lining up for the commercial tidal farms that are expected to be realized as of 2018 onwards and has initiated discussion with partners in her value chain to secure the topics that accompany large volume manufacturing and to be ready to accommodate all pilot and commercial tidal farms to be built.

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