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Airbus Tianjin aircraft assembly up to European standards

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13 Aug 2012

Last month, Airbus Tianjin delivered the eighty-eighth Airbus A320 series aircraft to Shenzhen Airlines.

Airbus China senior vice president Chen Juming said in an interview, that the aircraft assembled by China technology workers is good or even better in quality than those assembled in of France Toulouse and Germany Hamburg.


Since it put into production in 2008, Airbus Tianjin assembly line project has progressed smoothly. The delivery of the eighty-eighth A320 family aircraft is also the tenth A320 aircraft Shenzhen Airlines received assembled by Airbus Tianjin.


At present, Tianjin assembly line production schedule has reached the assembly 3.2~3.3 planes monthly. According to the plan, they will reach an average of 4 aircrafts monthly level by the end of the year. Airbus Tianjin assembly line delivery aircraft number will break through 100 in the second half of the year.


Airbus has been actively promoting the cooperation with China aviation industry. The Chinese enterprises have been fully involved in the Airbus A320 series aircraft, including the supply of raw materials, parts and components production and design, large components assembling and testing, and final assembly.


There are a total of 6 China aviation manufacturing enterprises directly involved in Airbus aircraft parts cooperation. These enterprises include AVIC Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi’an, Hafei, Hongfei and Shanghai aircraft manufacturing factory.


Harbin Hafei Airbus composite material manufacturing center jointly established by Airbus and Hafei is the main supplier for Airbus A320 series aircraft rudder.


By 2014, half of the world's Airbus A320 series aircraft rudder will be produced in Harbin.


The Airbus A350XWB remote wide-body jets are for the assembly. The Chinese enterprises will be assumed 5% of this model plane workload. China is Airbus largest supplier from a single country outside Europe.


Airbus A320 series aircraft final assembly line is a joint venture by Airbus with Tianjin Free Trade Zone and AVIC. It is the first Airbus A320 series aircraft final assembly line outside of Europe, its process and the fixture it used are exactly the same with Airbus European single aisle aircraft final assembly line.


Airbus set up a production line in China is not to reduce the cost. Airbus wants to strengthen the cooperation with China. There is no Tianjin A320, only Airbus A320.


At present, In the Airbus A320 Tianjin assembly line has completed assembly aircrafts including the A320 and A319 two models.



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