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Airbus Tianjin assembly delivered A320 to Air Asia

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4 Jun 2012

According to Airbus S.A.S., Air Asia will receive a Tianjin A320 aircraft this year. This will become first Airbus aircraft delivery to a foreign airline outside China from Tianjin assembly.

It is reported that this Asian airline will receive an A320 aircraft from the A320 series aircraft in December 2012. This series aircraft is assembled by Airbus Company Tianjin assembly line.


Air Asia Company Limited is a Budget airline company in Malaysia. It is also Asia's first low cost airline. Air Asia owns Thailand Asia Airways and also a joint venture company Air Asia with Air Asia Indonesia.


Air Asia is now working with full strength to open up the Chinese low cost aviation market. Now it has 10 airport points and 20 routes including Tianjin, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin, Chongqing and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.


Airbus Tianjin Assembly Line is a joint venture by Airbus Company, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, and China Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC). It is one of few Air Bus joint ventures outside of Europe. It is not only the first Airbus aircraft assembly line outside of Europe. This joint venture is also currently the only Airbus aircraft assembly line outside Europe.


Tianjin Airbus assembly line has put into production in 2008 October. In June 2009, Tianjin Airbus assembly line has delivered the first aircraft. As of now, Airbus Tianjin final assembly line has delivered over 86 Airbus A320 series aircraft to China Airlines.


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