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Airbus Tianjin assembly line to deliver 100th Airbus A320 series aircraft

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27 Jun 2012

Airbus final assembly line workers in Tianjin were checking up the A320 series large aircraft components. Those parts on the assembly lines are marked the number of "100" representing for they will be assembled into the 100th aircraft.

On the same day, Airbus assembly line in Tianjin received the 100th Airbus A320 series aircraft components. This is significant as the Airbus Tianjin assembly line has entered a new stage of development.


Airbus assembly line in Tianjin is the first Airbus A320 series aircraft final assembly line outside Europe, including A320 and A319 two models. Since its inception in 2008, the assembly production line has delivered 89 aircrafts. During the second half of this year, it is expected that they will complete 100 aircrafts delivery.


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