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Airdraw 2 – the widest compaction film up to 3.98 m wide

News International-French

1 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - The Airdraw 2 vacuum bagging film is embossed with a ''cracked ice'' pattern that allows for rapid air removal when placed under vacuum

The film was formulated to provide increased stiffness to help maintain a breathable pattern.

Airdraw 2 is a compaction film that saves time by eliminating the time spent cutting and placing release films and breather fabrics. The channels in the film are better engineered for faster airflow. The film is not affected by environmental conditions and will not soften in high humidity, allowing superior breathability.

Up to 3.98 m in width, Airdraw 2 is the widest embossed vacuum bag film available on the market. Larger parts can be bagged faster and better vacuum is achieved faster.

Booth: E44