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Airdraw 2 vacuum bagging film, up to 140" wide

News International-French

18 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Airdraw 2 vacuum bagging film is embossed with a ''cracked ice'' pattern which allows for rapid air removal when placed under vacuum. The film has been formulated to provide increased stiffness to assist in maintaining a breathable pattern.

Airdraw 2 is not affected by environmental conditions and will not soften in high humidity, allowing superior breathability. It is designed primarily for ply compaction with the added benefits of not requiring a breather. It is embossed from one side of the film, under close examination; the film has a flat side and a raised side. The outer surface of the roll is the raised side. For best results, place the raised side against the part surface on top of a perforated release film.


  • Embossed pattern provides network of air passageways, eliminating need for separate layer of breather.
  • Improved stiffer formula keeps air path open resulting in better vacuum levels, faster.
  • Wide width (up to 140") makes compacting large parts even faster with no seams required.

Booth: D48