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AirexBaltekBanova website moves to new branded domain

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14 Jan 2016

The AirexBaltekBanova site has now moved to its own branded domain The former domain - - will continue to function for backward compatibility and be redirected to the new domain.

The objective of this change is to provide a unique image to the brand for our customers by differentiating it from the divisional corporate entity 3A Composites Core Materials. 3A Composites will continue to provide endorsement to the AirexBaltekBanova brand.

Eric Gauthier, President of Global Key Accounts at 3A Composites Core Materials, said: “The switch to the domain name creates a simplified brand experience, making it crystal clear to our customers that they are engaging with the AirexBaltekBanova brand”.

Roman Thomassin, CEO, 3A Composites Core Materials, said: “I'm delighted to announce we have now officially moved to our new address, inaugurating the next chapter of our digital journey. This domain change will enable us to reinforce the AirexBaltekBanova brand online presence”.

The AirexBaltekBanova brand represents the Airex, Baltek, Banova products’ range comprised of foam and balsa lightweight solutions:

  • Airex stands for structural foam cores.

The product name Airex consists of the word Air and Ex for expansion. Specifically, our Airex foam products are composed of closed cells filled with air. This minimizes the consumption of resin as well as weight and costs.
Airex rigid foams have formidable mechanical properties and minimal weight. When used as a core material between two thin, stiff face sheets they create sandwich structures that can be more than 50% lighter than conventional structures.

  • Baltek stands for structural balsa cores.

Baltek is a structural core material made of balsa wood, a natural and renewable resource. Very little energy is required to process natural balsa wood into structural end-grain core material.
3A Composites Core Materials owns and manages several thousand hectares of FSC certified balsa wood plantations in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea. The growing of our own seedlings as well as several local sawmills guarantee sustainable forest management and continuous availability of this material for industrial-end customers.

  • Banova stands for balsa wood veneer boards.

Banova is high-quality, lightweight building boards based on balsa wood veneer for weight sensitive interior fittings. Banova offers minimum weight with high stability. Banova is also combined with a variety of materials in order to fulfill additional requirements. Therefore, its adaptability is nearly unlimited.