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Airpad HTX

News International-French

3 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Airpad HTX is an uncured non-silicone rubber that can be made into caul sheets and flexible mandrels.

Airpad HTX has been formulated to provide enhanced performance in comparison to other rubber caul sheet materials.


  • Low shrinkage, about 1.3 mm in 254 mm cured in a single layer in a flat condition
  • Bonds aggressively to A4000 BOS bondable release film, resulting in a longer lasting caul
  • Bonds to itself aggressively, making it easier to repair
  • Heat ageing studies show it will have a longer life than standard Airpad in the same high-temperature applications
  • Higher Shore hardness for better definition
  • Better resistance to solvents, allowing the tool to be more durable

Areas of AIRPAD HTX that are exposed to prepreg can be released using standard release agents. This should be tested by the customer using their release agents and prepreg before using Airpad HTX in any particular application.

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