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Airtech Europe has achieved the renewal of EN 9100: 2003 and ISO 9001: 2008 certificates

News International-French

2 Oct 2013

Airtech Europe obtained successfully the renewal of its certificates for its quality management system in manufacturing, sales, distribution and technical support of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials.

The respect of the standard EN9100: 2009 is specifically asked to the suppliers of the aerospace industry. By following the demand from the aerospace industry, Airtech reaffirms its commitment to be a competent partner.

The company is a manufacturer of processing materials to the world's composite and tooling industries. They offer the auxiliary materials for the vacuum bagging, wet lay-up, resin infusion processes. Their product range consists of: vacuum bagging films up to ultra high temperature and very large width, release films and release liquids,  pressure sensitive tapes, peel plies, breathers and bleeders, vacuum bag sealant tapes, vacuum bag connectors and hoses, rubber, tooling materials, carbon and glass reinforcements.