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Airtech innovative products: Sealant tape, Mobile Vacuum Kart and Release bag

News International-French

6 Feb 2012

Airtech continues to develop innovative products and services and will present them during JEC 2012.

New easy workable Airtech sealant tapes available:

The range can now cover the market needs in the higher temperature range of sealant tapes up to 150°C and be competitive at the same time.
The Airseal sealant tape series is available in two versions:
- Airseal 2 is the standard product for applications outside the autoclave.
- Airseal 2 HT is the higher tack version for more immediate surface adhesion.
Airseal sealant tapes from Airtech are designed to be used by all composite shops producing FRP parts for the marine, commercial and wind-energy industry with cure in heated tools or oven.


Innovative Mobile Vacuum Kart:

The Mobile Vacuum Kart (MVK 2011) is the ideal plug-and-play system used for creating vacuum in prepreg and resin infusion applications, offering an excellent mobility in the shop. The vacuum pump installed inside the cart is a rotary vane pump (25 m³/h) with single phase motor 230 V,50/60 Hz.
The chart has 6 AQD 500TF male parts, ideal for multi vacuum hose connections! The vacuum pump area is water and oil tight and is coated with Durocast, a smooth, non-contaminated surface protection.


Film release:

The new Dahlar® Release Bag 500 is a self-releasing multi-layer bagging film for direct contact with pre-preg for fabrication of hollow parts. It exhibits superior strength, temperature resistance up to 220 °C and vacuum integrity of Airtech’s multi-layer film technology and release of epoxy and polyester resins. Upon application of pressure the bag will easily expand to fit to the shape of the part which is very useful in applications where there are variations in the part diameter.

This development ensures even application of internal pressure in cases of small diameter parts, where the insertion of a standard lay flat tube bagging film can be  problematic. The RB500 is available in gusseted folding, making it easier to position accurately in hollow parts