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Airtech introduces new vacuum bag films and release films

News International-French

19 Jul 2013

The product range includes materials for the manufacture of composite tools and parts using the following vacuum bag techniques: wet lay-up, autoclave curing and resin infusion processes.

Airtech supplies vacuum bagging films up to ultra-high temperature and very large width, release films and liquids, pressure sensitive tapes, peel plies, breathers and bleeders, sealant tapes, custom products and kitting, connectors, hoses, rubber, tooling materials.

Airtech products are used in the aerospace, marine, automotive, racing, wind power, leisure and general composites industries.

Airtech introduces new vacuum bag films and release films:

  • Securlon V-45 is an economical vacuum bagging film suitable for phenolic resins and used for commercial autoclave processing with a maximum use temperature of 171°C. It’s designed for commercial applications that utilize higher temperature and higher pressure cure cycles.
  • Thermalimide E is a high performance bagging film for cure temperatures up to 426 °C.
  • Thermalimide E RBCS is a version film treated both sides with a specialist release coating and can be used for cure cycles up to 405°C and is an ideal product for the forming process of thermoplastic materials and other high temperature applications.
  • FlashbreakerPS1 is a high temperature/ high tensile strength polyester film coated with a high tack pressure sensitive silicone adhesive for oven or autoclave cures up to 204 °C. Flashbreaker pressure sensitive tapes are used for multi-purpose functions in metal bond and composite shops, such as holding down vacuum bagging materials, thermocouple wires, masking-off, chem-milling protection.
  • FlowLease 160-37P16 combines a high weight knitted flow mesh with a layer of our perforated release film Wrightlon 3700 P16 and is intended to be used in resin infusion applications. Due to the high open structure of the knitted mesh, the high resin infusion flow can be achieved with most resin types.