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Airtech vacuum hoses built for performance and reliability

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2 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - BBH 1080 is a durable, high-temperature and high-pressure autoclave hose constructed with an inner flexible stainless steel conduit over-wrapped with a stainless steel braid

A stainless steel armour jacket covers the hose and protects it from the harsh autoclave and production environment.

BBH 1080 is 100% stainless construction with no organic components, no FEP liner, and no silicone. It is very flexible but yet durable. Its durability at high temperature (482°C) and high pressure (up to 22 bar) means longer resistance in service life.

Airflow 100 Armor is an autoclave vacuum hose constructed with an outer steel armour jacket protecting the braided steel that holds a PTFE inner tube supported by a flexible steel spring conduit. This unique design prevents collapse from vacuum or autoclave pressures. The hose’s durability at high temperature and high pressure means longer service life. The armour protects the vacuum line, thus avoiding vacuum failure and back pressures that can affect part quality during cure.

The length of Airtech hoses can be customized and the end fittings can be straight and/or elbow-shaped on one or both ends to meet specific requirements.

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