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Akar Makina - Autoclaves for high-performance composite materials

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4 Feb 2013

Akar Makina, founded in 1990 and located in Eskisehir, Turkey, offers composite autoclaves and pressure vessels for production and laboratory purposes for various applications including aerospace, motor sports, automotive, industry and marine.

The autoclaves are provided with advanced, user-friendly control systems along with autoclave trolleys, vacuum systems, and cooling units as part of Akar’s turnkey project execution approach. Designed and produced for unique customer needs, they can be used in composite material production processes as well as laboratory applications.


Production of high-performance composites

Autoclaves are used for the production of high-performance composite materials through the polymerization of carbon fibre and resin under high pressure and heat. Composite autoclaves are pressure vessels with bayonet door-closing mechanisms manufactured in compliance with certifications such as CE, ASME, and GOST-R, as well as other certifications as required by authorities. Autoclaves are usually heated using electrical heaters and internally insulated against heat loss during the process. Temperature uniformity is critical when curing composite materials. To create the required uniformity, a circulation of non-flammable gas such as air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide or mixed gases is achieved by means of a motor fan system and distributed through wall or cylindrical-type air ducts built inside the autoclave. The composite materials are placed in the central sections of the autoclave for curing. Before the end of the cycle, the autoclave is cooled by a cold water circulation through the built-in heat exchanger. Throughout the process, the processing time, pressure, heat, vacuum and cooling phases, with certain gradients, are managed with critical delta values with the help of advanced computer control systems.


Warranty and certificates

The size of Akar’s autoclaves can vary depending on customer needs. The useful diameter of an autoclave may range from 500 mm to 5000 mm, and the useful length can be as long as 15,000 mm. The working pressure can be as high as 20-25 bars and the working temperature can go up to 400°C.


Akar’s products are provided with a 2-year worldwide manufacturing warranty and the required pressure vessel/autoclave certificates including CE, ASME, and GOST-R from well-known global certification agencies such as TUV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd or Hartford Steam Boilers.


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