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Alchemie’s Epoxy keeps motorcyclists adhered to the road

News International-French

31 Aug 2016

An innovative manufacturer of custom-made composite parts has been busy designing and creating motorbike fuel tanks, as part of their light weight motorcycle parts range.

The designer produces the high quality pieces in partnership with a mould making company, and offers finished bespoke carbon components.

Below are some images of the finished product:


Fuel tank 12


Fuel tank 21

Fuel Tank 31

Manufacturing of the fuel tanks required a high quality sealant, and strong bonding properties, so Alchemie recommended EP575, which is specifically designed for this process.


EP575 is a two part, ambient temperature cure, epoxy system; exhibiting outstanding mechanical and thermal properties. This system has low mixed viscosity and when cured shows excellent high temperature and physical properties. This system has excellent wetting properties for various fibre systems including glass fibre, aramid fibre and carbon fibre etc. The system is suitable for a variety of applications including hand lay-up and RTM.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent wetting and impregnation of fibres
  • Excellent high temperature properties
  • High dimensional stability