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ALEX - erosadster, Electric Car Project

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9 Jul 2015

Irish company Swift Composite Prototypes based in Dunleer, Co. Louth are set to build the new car, which will enter the market in late 2016.

ALEX - erosadster, Electric Car Project

They will build the new stylish and futuristic Alex eroadster electric car at their plant in Co. Louth. After over 30 years a new car will be manufactured in Ireland – the last one being Delorean, synonymous with the “Back to the Future” movies.

This new long range electric car uses an extremely lightweight composite chassis developed in Denmark by Ecomove and the whole car weighs in at around 700kgs. The chassis uses Ecomove’s Qstrung technology to achieve great reductions in weight. “The car is in the design phase and we are working on building a working prototype car” said project manager/designer Tom Finnegan.

This new car will also have a lifting roof and doors in one assembly allowing you to enter and exit the car easily, while saving weight at the same time. This car is a fully electric car. The battery units are stored neatly underneath the floor. “The real gain is the weight saving that we can achieve from using composite materials instead of conventional steel” said Swift Composites CEO Gabriel Mathews.