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All in One dynamic testing machine for Composite

News International-French

5 Oct 2011

01dB-Metravib introduces in JEC Asia, its range of Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA or DMTA) instrument. DMA is probably the most informative technique to provide to the development engineer highly significant data describing the thermomechanical behavior of advanced materials, and especially composites.

Based on a 40 years experience in vibration techniques, the Metravib DMA series offers a unique range of material testing instruments. Thanks to constant innovation, METRAVIB range of product is today including much more than DMA in one single instrument.



If you are interested in understanding more about:

The Mechanical/Rheological properties of your composite?

Young Modulus /Shear Modulus /Loss factor/angle / Dynamic Viscosity /Mechanical properties’ dependence to frequency, temperature, time…



The Optimization of your curing process?

Curing cycle /Gel time /Viscosity…



Your Formulation/Reinforcement effect?

Fillers orientation /Fillers reinforcement /Polymers compatibility /Selection of additives…



The Prediction of your industrial products performances?

Damping /Glass transition (Tg) /Thermal behaviour /Shock resistance/ Effect of water, humidity, oils, solvents…



The Aging/Lifetime of your product ?

Fatigue /Creep /Long term creep prediction …

01dB-Metravib has a solution.

New: simultaneous DMA/Calorimetry : degree of cure, shrinkage and rheological properties analyzed in one single experiment.

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