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All United Power wind turbines achieved LVRT certification

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3 Aug 2012

Recently, China Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd (United Power) completed 1.5MW, 2 MW, 3 MW full range models have all passed the Low Voltage Rid through (LVRT) testing and certifications.

Their grid connection technology has stepped into the domestic first-class and the international advanced level.


In May 2010, United Power 1.5 MW units got China Electric Power Research Institute LVRT testing and certification in Jilin Shuanglong wind farm. It was the first company got such certification in China. It provided the first hand evidence for the making of China LVRT standards.


In April 2011, United Power 1.5MW units passed GL-Wintest zero voltage crossing test in Zhangjiakou Shangyi Shiren wind farm. It was the first doubly-fed wind turbine passed through the zero voltage rid through field test in China.


United Power mass field operation units also have passed the China EPRI, Northeast Electric Power Research Institute, Gansu Electric Power Research Institute, Shandong Electric Power Research Institute and other related testing LVRT sampling tests. Those tests fully proved the high reliability of United Power low voltage ride-through technology.


United Power continues the grid connection technology research. It started in depth study and development on the electric energy quality test and grid adaptability test and certification expanded research around the various wind turbine models.


United Power 2MW unit in 2011 achieved successful grid connection. In June 2012, United Power completed China EPRI LVRT testing and certification. In December 2011, its 3 MW units successfully connected with the power grid. In June 2012, it completed China Electric Power Research Institute and the German Lloyd's GL LVRT testing and certification.


United Power 1.5 MW Generator low voltage rid through electrical model passed China EPRI low voltage rid through electrical model conformity assessment in 2012 April. This model enables the wind turbine LVRT capability can be tested with model simulation instead of the field test. This will save a great deal of testing cost and improve the efficiency of low voltage ride-through certification.


United Power has the ability of to wind turbines of high abstractive theory and accurate mathematical description on this complex system operation process. Which laid a theoretical foundation for further optimum design of the wind turbines.


In large offshore wind turbine field, United Power, at the completion of a 3MW intertidal models and 3 MW offshore model development, started focusing on the 6 MW offshore wind turbine R & D.


In December 2011, United Power 6 MW Variable-speed variable-propeller constant-frequency doubly-fed offshore wind turbine was successfully lifted from the assembly line. This is the largest single power grade in China Wind Turbine marks the company entered into the international advanced level.



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