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The alliance Composites360 is born to promote composite materials

News International-French

25 Apr 2017

Three experts of the composite materials industry, Gazechim Composites Ibérica, Magnum Venus Products (MVP) and AIMPLAS, establish a partnership to foster the use and new applications of composite materials.

Within the framework of the agreement, on 26 and 27 April a workshop focused on the use of high-performance composites by close mould processes (RTM) is going to be held, addressed to sectors like the automotive, transports and aeronautics.

Last February, a collaboration agreement was signed by three expert companies of the composite materials industry: Gazechim Composites Ibérica, main supplier in the composites sector in Europe, Magnum Venus Products (MVP), main manufacturer of dosing and mixing equipments with an specific expertise in RTM and AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, as a reference centre in capacities and resources in the composites area.

The aim of this collaboration agreement is to organize events with a high technical level of information, dissemination and demonstration to foster the use and new applications of composite materials. For that purpose, the brand Composites360 is created, what illustrates the vision to be given at materials, processes, products and sectors level.

Currently, composite materials are well positioned in some applications such as those related to the construction and the aeronautics industry, however, its evolution is allowing their introduction in new application sectors, including some with high productivity, such as the automotive and the transport industries. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to increase the information about the performances and the real possibilities, therefore it is needed an approach to these materials and processes to the industry so that it can assess its potential.

As first action of this agreement, on 26 and 27 April a demonstrative workshop is going to be organized, focused on the use of high-performance composite materials by means of closed mould processes (RTM) and addressed to sectors such as the automotive, transport and aeronautics sectors. In this workshop, international and first-level speakers will discuss the materials used, product design, quality, process optimization and manufacturing costs. It also includes a demonstrative part consisting of the production of parts by RTM, including the use of polyester-type resins and epoxy with glass and carbon fibres.