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Almaco and IPT expand partnership with courses in the lightweight structures lab

News International-French

6 Nov 2017

The Latin-American Composite Materials Association (Almaco) and the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) signed an agreement that will include in 2018 a series of practical courses in the Lightweight Structures Lab (LEL). 

Gilmar Lima and Hugo Resende
Built by IPT at the Technological Park of São José dos Campos, LEL is the only laboratory in South America specialized in researches applied to fabrication of light structures. 

“The partnership with IPT will enable us to offer training in an environment marked by the latest technology,” said Gilmar Lima, president of Almaco."

Among the equipment installed in LEL, it stands out the fiber placement and tape laying machines and a resin transfer molding press.

According to Hugo Resende, director of LEL, the courses will help to disseminate the most advanced uses of composites, which should stimulate the increase of the presence of the material in projects developed in Brazil.

“Medium-complexity training will be offered and focused on practical sessions to enable people to understand the advantages and difficulties of producing composite parts, including using automated equipment and pre-impregnated materials.”

Almaco and IPT are longstanding partners. They have already developed, for example, solutions for the recycling of composites and, in June of this year, signed a cooperation agreement to contribute to the development of micro, small and medium enterprises through access to government financing lines.