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ALMACO director will give a lecture at JEC Composites Europe 2012

News International-French

22 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - During JEC Composites, the Innovative Composites Summit (ICS) will include presentations with dozens of experts. Among them, Waldomiro Moreira, executive of the resins manufacturer Elekeiroz and one of the directors of the Latin American Composite Materials Association (Almaco) – he is also member of the Automotive Committee of the entity.

Entitled "Lightweight flame retardant thermoset composites with low smoke generation”, the presentation is part of the railway forum of ICS and is scheduled to take place in the afternoon of March 28.

“I will introduce the latest technologies for thermoset composites based on resins and additives that meet and even exceed standards such as the ASTM E-162 and ASTM E-660, which refer, respectively, to the flammability and smoke emission tests. Another highlight is the standard BSS 7239-1988, from Boeing, which is used in Brazil and regulates the spread of toxic gases by burning materials”, said Moreira, reinforcing that the Brazilian demand for trains and subways is in frank expansion due to the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Chemical engineer with postgraduate degree in polymers and an MBA in marketing and finance, Moreira has 38 years of experience in composite materials (raw materials and processes). Before Elekeiroz, company associated with the European DSM, he worked at Cray Valley (Total Group), Henkel Loctite, Reichhold and Mercedes-Benz, among other companies. He is also a professor of the composite materials course at Universidade Positivo.