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Almaco promotes in-company courses across Latin America

News International-French

17 Apr 2014

Since 2010, Almaco has promoted approximately 400 courses across Latin America. In addition to the itinerant seminars and the practical trainings conducted at the Composites Technology Center (CETECOM), in São Paulo, the entity also organized in-company courses.

According to Paulo Camatta, executive manager of tehe association, over the past four years more than 40 courses have been conducted at the plants of raw material suppliers, distributors and composites molders, as well as at the campuses of several universities.

“The topics of our in-company courses are the same as those in the regular training curriculum promoted at CETECOM, that is, from the introduction to composite materials to the most sophisticated molding processes, such as RTM Light and infusion. But we can also create specific modules to meet the needs of those interested in the courses, providing solutions in the areas of product development, manufacturing processes, molds, factory organization and security,” said Camatta.

One of the advantages of this model, according to him, is the fact that the company avoids being left with a reduced number of employees, who have to be absent to attend the training at Almaco.

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