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ALMACO will have an office in Argentina

News International-French

28 May 2013

The Latin American Composite Materials Association will soon have an office in Argentina, similar to that existing in Chile. With the central management in Brazil, Almaco is the main regional representative of the production chain of composites.

The organization of this new entity is under the responsibility of Eric Engstfeld, director of the resins and gelcoats manufacturer Plaquimet. According to Engstfeld, the first activity of Almaco Argentina will be to map the local market. “Next, investments in actions to train composite manufacturers, especially with regard to closed molding technologies, which improve quality and productivity rates,” he says.

Other actions to be performed by Almaco Argentina include making an approach with government agencies, in order to highlight the advantages of composite materials in comparison with competing materials, and the incentive to the recycling of waste generated in the production of parts. “These are the same actions successfully implemented a few years ago by Almaco in Brazil”. And, as was done in the country of origin of the association, Engstfeld intends to create the first postgraduate course on composites of Argentina. “We are already studying possible alliances with local universities.”

For Gilmar Lima, president of Almaco, the establishment of the entity in Argentina will help further strengthen the Latin American composites industry. “Countries in the region have the same needs and opportunities as Brazil. Therefore, in order to grow in a sustainable manner, we must repeat the same strategy adopted here, that is, focus on investments in education, innovation and sustainability, combined with the constant work to make an approach with government agencies.”

Still in 2013, Colombia and Mexico should be the next countries to have Almaco offices.