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Alpaca carbon fiber travel guitar

News International-French

24 Apr 2014

The Alpaca is a go-anywhere adventure guitar designed to withstand the elements. Its rugged build is comprised of carbon fiber, flax fabric, and bio-derived resins.

This combination produces an lightweight and strong instrument with a brilliant, resonant sound.

The Alpaca will handle anything a good adventure brings; dirt, water, bumps and bruises. An embedded daisy chain on the back provides a strong universal attachment to any of your outdoor gear.

Developed by Chris Duncan, and brought to market by Andrew White and Matt Bogosian, The Alpaca Guitar is handmade in Vermont and built with nature in mind. All materials that could be sourced from U.S. manufacturers were, and obsessive thought went into the manufacturing process, leading to the use of pine sap resins and biodegradable solvents.

The Alpaca was built with adventure in mind. Weighing in at just over 2 lbs, the headless design of the Alpaca saves 8" in length, and moves the traditionally fragile tuners to the base of the guitar, where they're out of harm's way. The sound hole has been moved to an accessible location, allowing for easy draining, and close to one cubic foot of extra storage space. The back features an embedded carbon fiber molded daisy chain. When combined with the para-cord strap, this creates a 3 point harness system to attach universally to all outdoor gear. The Alpaca's ergonomic shape fits the lifestyle of its users – sleek, compact, and designed to rest comfortably on the knee.


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