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Alpha Recyclage Composites to recycle carbon fiber by steam-thermolysis

News International-French

3 Jul 2015

After several years of academic research in partnership with the Clément Ader Institute and the Mines Albi-Carmaux engineering school, the French SME Alpha Recyclage Composites (member of the Aerospace Valley cluster) has started a development program with the same partners. 

Currently the aim of the company is to demonstrate the preindustrial feasibility of steam-thermolysis technology applied to the treatment of waste materials containing carbon fibre, it is also to define the manufacturing process of semi-finished products using recycled fibres and to validate the conditions of re-use of these treated fibres in the manufacture of second-generation composites. This program, which is part of the circular economy logic, is conducted with the joint support of the French Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy and Industry. The areas of application covered by this future industrial sector include civil and military aviation and the automotive sector.

Steam-thermolysis technology is already implemented on an industrial scale by a sister company, Alpha Recycling Franche-Comté, for recycling used tires.

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