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ALPHA Trainer is the first European Ultralight certified for night flight

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9 Jan 2013

Pipistrel is officially flying the first European Ultralight aircraft certified for Night Flight in Poland, the ALPHA Trainer, thanks to the good work of their Polish distributor, Mr Krzysztof Bedkowski, and excellent relations with CAA of Poland.

Pipistrel's CEO Ivo Boscarol says: "We are proud that our ALPHA Trainer is the first ultralight aircraft certified to fly in Poland under Night-VFR conditions. Night VFR gives Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer owners the possibility to keep flying even when winter time shortens the sunshine hours. Flight schools also benefit of extended operating time with the ALPHA, which is the most cost effective trainer for Night VFR operations. Krzysztof Bedkowski, director or Skydream and Pipistrel distributor in Poland, declares: "With the ALPHA, pilots can enjoy the beauty of flying over illuminated cities and over countryside under full moon" and adds "We are committed to collaborate with Polish Aviation Authorities to obtain the Night VFR certificate for the Pipistrel Virus SW and eventually for other Pipistrel models".

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is an affordable two-seat composite aircraft, powered by the Rotax 912 80 HP engine, burning only 2.5 US gal/h (9.5 litres/h) of fuel on a typical flight. The most popular LSA variant is produced in Italy, but also available is the Microlight/Ultralight model which is made in Slovenia. ALPHA Trainer ships is one “full-equipment” configuration, which includes Radio, Transponder, GPS, Ballistic Parachute Rescue System, specially developed Analog/Digital instruments, extra strong landing gear, external lights and more.


Pipistrel is an award winning aircraft producer and 2012 Collier-prize nominee with a wide range of products spreading from single and two-seat self-launching gliders, light-sport trainers, motorgliders, high-performance two-seat cruisers to the revolutionary four-seat Part-23 certified Panthera. Pipistrel was first to fly both a 2-seat and 4-seat electric aircraft, and was the winner of all three NASA Challenges for energy efficient aeroplanes.


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