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ALT offers multi-material multi-color 3D printing service

News International-French

5 Jul 2016

The additive manufacturing startup located in Santa Barbara, California, is now serving as a 3D Printing Service Bureau.

ALT has a multitude of additive manufacturing tools capable of fabricating complex multi-material multiple-color objects using custom designed advanced materials with a wide range of physical properties. Customers can upload models to get an instant quote and ALT will rapidly fabricate their 3D designs. 3D printed objects can be picked up by customers at the ALT facility on the beautiful American Riviera in Santa Barbara or shipped directly to their door.

The company has machines that can print UV resins, high-strength composites, soft or pliable polymers and conductive metals. ALT frequently works with industrial designers, makers, architects and researchers on custom projects to develop unique 3D designs, fabricate prototypes and provide solutions to custom projects.

The company can rapidly fabricate prints with traditional thermoplastic Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) in off-the-shelf filament, including PLA, PET, TPU, nylon and wood fiber, and is developing tools and materials to make 3D objects more sustainable through bio-derived composites and recycled plastic waste.

ALT team members are experts in material science, CAD and printing software and have the experience operating a variety of 3D printers to offer design guidelines based on the desired material, size and application. The team will carefully review all projects and optimize fabrication parameters to ensure the highest quality manufacturing. For more complex projects, the team of engineers can also work with the customer to develop their ideas, providing design and modeling consultation.

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