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Amiantit awarded major GRP pipe contract with Sydvatten

News International-French

1 Dec 2014

The Swedish municipal owned company AB Sydvatten and Amiantit Norway AS signed a contract worth 12,5M€ for a 25 kilometer long raw water pipeline. 

Amiantit will deliver Flowtite pipes for a 25 kilometer long raw water pipeline from Äktaboden to Ringsjöverket. – This contract is one of the biggest pipe contracts for water supply ever awarded to GRP in Europe, says Jarle Hausberg, MD of Amiantit Norway.

Sydvatten, owned by 16 Swedish municipalities, supplies more than 900,000 Swedish residents with drinking water. They plan to start the installation of the raw water pipeline in the summer 2015. PEAB will be partnering on the project, as contractor. The pipes will be delivered in diameters of DN1400 and DN1600mm.

Sydvatten wanted a non-corrosive pipe material that could provide a lifetime of more than 100 years. While steel and concrete pipes often have issues with corrosion, research shows that composite pipes have a unique durability, says Markus Janson, sales manager for the Swedish market in Amiantit Norway.

The large contract was awarded shortly after Amiantit invested more than $ 10 million in its Norwegian research on fiberglass composite pipe, Flowtite Technology AS. The center is one of the world’s largest GRP research center.

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