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AnalySwift partners with Altran for design of composite wind turbine

News International-French

30 Dec 2013

The company, a leading provider of modeling software for aerospace and energy composites and other advanced materials, announced it has partnered with global leader Altran in the release of Altran’s upcoming optimization code for the preliminary design of composite wind turbine blades.

AnalySwift’s VABS and PreVABS software will play a role in combination with other optimization and mathematical tools developed in‐house by Altran as part of their new optimization code.

Altran’s code, a generalistic tool, is based on aerodynamic and structural calculations. Still under development, it will include an optimization loop to modify structural pre‐design. The code will address aerodynamics, structural modeling, and optimization of emerging wind turbine blades. AnalySwift’s VABS and PreVABS software will interface with and complement Altran’s code. VABS, now in version 3.7, enables rigorous modeling of complex composite slender structures (commonly called beams), such as wind turbine blades, helicopter rotor blades, propellers, wing sections, and bridges. PreVABS is a design‐driven preprocessor to VABS.

The technology underlying VABS renders it efficient high‐fidelity modeling tool for composite slender structures, saving users many orders of magnitude in computing time relative to more complex and time‐consuming 3D finite element analyses (FEA), without a loss of accuracy. Instead of choosing between accuracy and efficiency; engineers can now confidently design and analyze real structures with complex microstructures. For instance, structures as complex as real composite rotor blades with hundreds of layers can be easily handled by a laptop computer. Analysis time can typically be reduced from several hours to just seconds.

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