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Angstron materials reaches graphene production milestone

News International-French

20 Jan 2015

Angstron Materials Inc. will be featured this month in a segment for Discovery Channel’s Trending Today. The show’s air date is January 29, 2015 at 7:30 a.m. EST.

The manufacturer, which recently announced its ability to produce masterbatches of graphene-enhanced polymers, will give viewers an inside glimpse of its advances in graphene-based thermal management materials and energy storage technologies.

“We’ve ramped up production and currently have the capacity to produce 300 metric tons of graphene,” says Applications Engineering Manager Ian Fuller. “The economies of scale we’re able to realize for customers, gives companies previously priced out of the graphene market access to the material’s unique performance advantages.”

Customers can purchase graphene products from Angstron in a variety of forms though “application dictates material selection,” notes Fuller.  In addition to graphene in powder form, the material is available as a suspension in a wide range of fluids. Angstron has developed intermediate and end use products such thermoplastic and elastomeric masterbatches in pellet and strand form, thermoset pre-dispersions, thermal pastes and thermal interface materials.

The company’s most mature product, a graphene-based thermal sheet, is as thin as aluminum foil, thinner than similar products on the market. “Graphene is highly conductive. It can quickly and efficiently disperse heat away from critical electronic components in items like flat screen TVs, lap tops and cell phones,” Fuller explains.

Pre-dispersion of graphene in thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomeric polymers is supported with new extrusion and compounding equipment installed by Angstron in 2014. The company is also further developing graphene-enhanced paints and coatings for anti-corrosion, barrier protection and EMI shielding.

Likely the largest producer of graphene in the world, Angstron is staffed to work with companies on improving existing items or developing new products enhanced with graphene. “Our team of engineers and scientists can help a company make the right material selection and assist with processing methods, prototyping and mass production. Manufacturers can get their products to market quicker and at a lower overall cost.”

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