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Ansys releases a new version of its software for structures simulation

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4 Dec 2013

Ansys 15.0 delivers major advancements across the entire portfolio, including structures, fluids and electromagnetics. In addition, this enhanced version enables complete multiphysics workflows for leading simulation practices.

The release enhances Ansys' industry-leading pre-processing capabilities, enabling users to quickly and accurately mesh the widest range of model size and complexity regardless of type of physics simulated. The new version also builds on the company's global leadership in high-performance computing (HPC), speeding up performance by a factor of five.

Structural Analysis: Advanced Materials Systems Design
The release extends Ansys' advanced solution for evaluating product performance of composites materials, which are often used to improve fuel efficiency by reducing weight. Simulating composites can require large mathematical solutions. To reduce overall computation time, the new software facilitates submodeling techniques in the pre-processing workflow so users can create high-fidelity local results while employing a coarser model globally.

The last version also introduces a new multiphysics approach to composites simulation to optimize wireless design and thermal management. Users define spatially dependent material properties for electromagnetic simulation and then couple those results to the structural analysis.

Other new features in the structural suite include:

  • Improved performance through innovative developments of completely new solvers, such as the subspace eigensolver for faster computation of eigenmodes and eigenfrequencies in structural analysis
  • Bolt thread modeling as a contact, rather than detailed geometry, when the user defines thread properties over a given cylindrical area
  • Multiple finite element models that can be assembled, leveraging all the setup details of individual models

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