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AOC announces price increase for US and Canada

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6 Sep 2013

AOC announces a price increase of US$0.06/lb in the U.S. and CN$0.13/kilo in Canada for all resin and gelcoat products shipped on or after October 1, 2013.

This action is prompted by significant increases in raw material costs. AOC has experienced steady increases since late July. Recently, feedstocks such as benzene, butane, and mixed xylenes, among others, are increasing as part of their Fall seasonality. Energy prices have also risen substantially in the last two weeks, with oil regaining the highs of earlier this year.

AOC’S global purchasing resources continue to work with suppliers to manage costs and meet customers’ needs.

About AOC
AOC is a supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants, additives and synergistic material systems for composites and cast polymers.

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