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AOC expands development of green technologies

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2 Feb 2011

AOC expands the development of new EcoTek® greener resin technologies that help customers achieve green objectives. The company focuses on its commitment to green technologies during the Composites 2011Exhibition and Convention sponsored by the American Composites Manufacturers Association February 2-4 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.

Show attendees can learn the latest in EcoTek technologies by visiting Booth 504 and by listening to an exceptional technical paper authored by Dr. John E. McAlvin, a Research and Development Manager for AOC.

“The objective of EcoTek green resin technologies is to offer a seamless transition for composite fabricators,” McAlvin points out. “EcoTek products need to offer processing characteristics and end-use performance properties that are better than or equivalent to conventional resin technologies.”

McAlvin’s presentation is titled “Green Composites Through the Use of Styrene-Free Resins and Unsaturated Polyesters Derived from Renewable and Recycled Raw Materials.” The paper details AOC progress in the development of EcoTek greener resins that are:

  • Derived from biologically renewable materials
  • Derived from recycled materials, and/or
  • Free of styrene.

Six Resin Categories
Supported by numerous equations, tables, figures and references, the paper features newer EcoTek work in six resin product categories:

1. Renewable/Recycled Cured-In-Place-Pipe
The reactivity, stability, viscosities, density, peak temperature and other properties of a new bio-derived isophthalic acid-propylene glycol (ISO-PG) resin matches the specifications of petrochemical-based products.
2. Styrene-Free Cured-In-Place-Pipe
A new styrene-free resin reduces emissions and odor and helps CIPP installers meet regional government requirements. For these styrene-free systems, mechanical and liquid properties such as viscosity, gel time, cure profile, wet-out, and initiated stability meet requirements suitable for a range of CIPP applications.

3. Renewable/Recycled Casting Resins
EcoTek casting resins exhibit stain resistance and strengths that are similar to those exhibited by isophthalic-neopenytyl glycol polyesters, the standard for the cast polymer industry. All physical properties of the renewable resin are within acceptable ranges for most solid surface and engineered stone applications.

4. Acrylic Bonding Renewable/Recycled Resin
The green alternative is designed to be used with filler as a back-up laminate for acrylic sheets, typically used in bathware applications. Liquid and mechanical properties of the EcoTek resin are similar to those of conventional resins. Testing according to ASTM C297 demonstrates excellent bond strength between the EcoTek unsaturated polyester and the acrylic substrate.

5. Fire Retardant Renewable/Recycled Resin
A new resin system derived from renewable and recycled material is designed to be blended with alumina trihydrate (ATH) to provide fire retardant properties for mass transit applications.

6. Styrene-Free Laminating Resins
A novel polymer system developed with non-styrene reactive diluents results in a thermoset network with a crosslink density comparable to conventional resins. Mechanical properties of the styrene-free resin compare favorably to the DCPD-derived, general purpose marine laminating resins.

Building the EcoTek Portfolio
In addition to the new product introduction and technical paper at Composites 2011, AOC will unveil a new EcoTek video. The show will also provide the first major platform for the new AOC corporate tagline: “Proven Performance. Protecting the Planet.” The theme under the corporate logo underscores the dedication of AOC to EcoTek.

About AOC
AOC is a major global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and synergistic systems for composites and cast polymers. With EcoTek® technologies, AOC is leading the development of green materials for producing composites and cast polymers that are friendlier to the environment. AOC knows technology, lives quality and delivers service better than any other supplier. To discover more about EcoTek technologies, go to, an award-winning website.

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