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Applus+, first and only laboratory of composite materials in China accredited by NADCAP for aeronautical services

News International-French

10 Dec 2014

Applus+ has obtained the NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) accreditation for its testing laboratory of composite materials in Shanghai.

This is the first and only laboratory in China with this recognition, key for the aeronautical industry.

Shanghai’s laboratory will permit Applus+ to provide services to aeronautical producers with global interests, which have production centers in the Asian country, as well as to the emerging Chinese aeronautical industry.

The NADCAP accreditation confirms the Company’s technical competence to evaluate the conformity of non-metallic materials (composites). To achieve this recognition, Applus+ has supported on the experience of its European laboratories after years participating in aeronautical programs. Shanghai’s laboratory has been working for three years in order to provide solutions to manufacturers from several industries.

With the accreditation of Shanghai’s laboratory, Applus+ increases its NADCAP laboratory network, currently formed by the facilities at Illescas and Bellaterra (Spain) and Bremen (Germany).

Illescas’ material laboratory (Toledo, Spain) is specialized in the quality control of aeronautical components fabricated with composite materials. This center is located amongst the core European aeronautical clusters for aeronautical composites and mainly works for Airbus and its direct suppliers.

Bremen’s material laboratory (Germany) is NADCAP accredited for both composite and metallic materials. It’s located in Bremen’s aeronautical cluster, where it provides to the main aeronautical component factories in the North of Germany.

Bellaterra’s material laboratory (Barcelona, Spain) is also NADCAP approved for both metallic and non-metallic materials and gives support to Applus+’s laboratory for aerostructures in Bellaterra, one of the global leading laboratories in mechanical testing for large components.