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Aqua-Telene non-collective wastewater-treatment

News International-French

26 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Having achieved outstanding results in tests carried out by CERIB (Study and Research Centre for the Manufactured Concrete Industry), the Aqua-Telene non-collective micro-wastewater treatment unit recently obtained the CE marking as well as French and German ministerial authorizations.

The unit operates using a fluidized bed biological process (aerobic fixed culture with air injection into the lower part). Aqua-Telene provides wastewater treatment while being easy to install and offering peace of mind to its user. Its main body is made from Telene PDCPD to enhance the overall performance of the product.

The Telene material is known for its excellent impact and corrosion resistance, offering Aqua-Telene users and installers a high resistance to shocks during transport and installation and life-long resistance to the most aggressive media.

The unit retains its properties even at low temperatures, so that it can be installed in all regions during cold weather. The material’s low weight and density allow simplified and easy installation in sites with difficult access. The RIM technology associated with the innovative Telene chemistry offers high productivity for large parts manufactured in small and medium series. A half tank weighing more than 100kg is moulded in 6 minutes! Telene will be showcasing Aqua-Telene at JEC World 2016, in the Sustainable Planet section of the Innovation corner.

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