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Aquitaine Developpement Innovation

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6 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Aquitaine Developpement Innovation is the Aquitaine regional development agency for taking up economic, technological, social and environmental challenges, creating value and jobs in enterprises, and innovating throughout regional networks and territories.

Aquitaine Developpement Innovation's assignments are to:

- Anticipating economic changes

- Increasing the competitiveness and innovation potential of SMEs

- Supporting the emergence of new regional sectors

- Leading and coordinating clusters

- Fostering the attractiveness of the Aquitaine region for corporate relocations



- to enterprises: improving performance and competitiveness, in both technology (RTD projects, European programmes, and production re-engineering) and business efficiency (funding, design, diversification, and international projects)

- to clusters: setting up and fostering (project build-up, business plan setup, and support services), supporting the emergence of regional networks

- to territories: diagnosis and priorities, project engineering (strategy, development, and revitalization), network leadership (innovation and financing), location marketing and attractiveness, international corporate relocation.


At the JEC Europe 2013 Composites Show, Aquitaine Developpement Innovation co-ordinates, together with the Aquitaine Region, the presence of 10 co-exhibitors on the "L'Aquitaine Composites" stand, reflecting the excellence and ambition of Aquitaine in the field of composite materials.


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