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AR fiberglass mesh for FRCM/TRC composite systems

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26 Mar 2018

Sponsored news - Application to reinforce: existing degraded structures and new construction to reduce thickness and weight

Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici is a textile company established in 1885. Nowadays Gavazzi is a foremost producer of technical textiles at international level. The company is specialized in high quality products with a philosophy based on customer service. Through the years Gavazzi has gained a solid position on highly innovative markets: construction, plastics industry, mosaics, sports equipment, composite materials for the wind energy and marine sector, fabrics for ballistic protection and many more.

AR fiberglass mesh for FRCM/TRC composite systems

AR fiberglass mesh for FRCM/TRC composite systemsApplication to reinforce:             
•    Existing structures subject to degradation
•    New construction to reduce thickness and weight
Advantages of textile Reinforced concrete:
•    Extreme lightweight construction with excellent mechanical characteristics
•    Adaptability of the textile reinforcement to nearly any geometry
•    Compatible with a very wide range of surface structures
Properties of AR fiberglass mesh:
•    Increased adhesion on concrete and ductility of the mortar
•    Easy to handle
•    Corrosion resistance

Gavazzi expands its knowledge in FRCM/TRC by collaborating with the Politecnico di Milano.


SRPP self reinforced polypropylene

SRPP self reinforced polypropyleneDevelopment and production of semifinished parts and components
Key values

•    Extreme lightness
•    High impact resistance also at low temperature
•    High degree of stiffness
•    Reduced thermal expansion
•    Full recyclability
•    Total radiolucency

•    Cases
•    Automotive
•    Oil and gas
•    Building
•    Ballistic
•    Individual protection and rescue equipment for emergency situation extreme environment
•    Sports equipment