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Araldite adhesives facilitate the spread of innovation across Europe’s railways

News International-French

19 May 2014

Driven by rising road congestion, demand for mobility and concerns over climate change, in Europe considerable emphasis is now being placed on developing rail as a key transport mode by promoting step-change innovations for passenger rolling stock, freight transport and rail infrastructure.

Araldite adhesives facilitate the spread of innovation across Europe’s railways

Here, Laurent Pourcheron, Marketing Manager for Adhesives at Huntsman Advanced Materials, takes a look at the adhesive technologies which are enabling the production of sustainable developments, helping manufacturers in the sector achieve competitive edge and secure long-term growth. 

The impetus behind innovation
Rail is amongst the most efficient and climate-friendly forms of transport, yet currently it only carries approximately 10% of European cargo and 6% of passengers each year.  The level of global competition is high and manufacturers need to focus on innovation leading to better services and reduced costs that offer an attractive choice for customers.

The need to develop rail as a key mode of transportation is reflected in the establishment of the European Commission’s ‘Shift2Rail’ initiative.   This new public-private partnership has been set up to invest just under €1 billion in research and innovation to support better rail services and encourage more passengers and freight onto Europe’s railways.

Amongst the key areas identified for investment, the Shift2Rail initiative highlights production process improvements, new designs, weight savings, compliance to stringent safety and environmental standards and low maintenance costs as being vital to success.

In this context, adhesives are playing an ever increasing role, providing well established solutions in addition to more advanced and innovative developments for all kinds of rail bonding applications.