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Arburg expands USA headquarters

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26 Jun 2019

Arburg began the expansion of its US headquarters in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. The expansion will provide an additional 23,000 square feet of space, adding over 80 percent to the size of the existing building.

Arburg expands USA headquarters

Arburg expands USA headquarters

CEO Friedrich Kanz and CFO Claude-Helene McIntyre (both from Arburg ), William O‘Sullivan and Larrye deBaer from the town of Rocky Hill as well as construction team members from "Tecton Architects" and "Nosal Builders" were present at the ground breaking ceremony.

Friedrich Kanz, CEO of Arburg, as the main reason for the expansion in Rocky Hill, explained:

"Our business in the US developed considerably faster and better than expected in recent years. Thanks to this dynamic develop-ment, we have the delightful problem, that our headquarters, which was newly built as recently as 2015, has already met its capacity limits“

New addition and state of the art logistics
The new addition will increase the facility by 23,000 square feet, which will provide more space for set up and acceptance testing of complete turnkey automation projects, customized specifications of stock machines and a considerably larger spare parts stock. The new building will use state of the art logistics and a 44 US ton portal crane. As a result, the Arburg subsidiary will also improve after sales support. Rooms will be added for customer training and technical seminars as well as 25 more offices for employees of the application, turnkey and service departments.

The existing building already offers a showroom for up to seven Allrounder injection molding machines and a lab with two Freeformers for additive manufacturing. 

USA is most important foreign market for Arburg
Arburg has subsidiaries in 26 countries at 34 locations. The company, in cooperation with trade partners, is present in over 100 countries. The USA is the most important foreign market for the German company with headquarters and central manufacturing in Lossburg, Germany. Arburg Inc., the USA subsidiary of Arburg, was founded in 1990. The expansion of the Rocky Hill location is again a noteable investment into the infrastructure of the USA. Arburg also offers nationwide support with two Technology Centers in Irvine, CA (since 1993) and in Elgin, IL (since 2007). Arburg USA has 105 employees at the moment and supports 13,000 installed machines in the US, Canada and the Mexican border region.