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Are economical and flexible process technologies for structural applications feasible?

News International-French

11 Sep 2014

Louis Kaptur, a process engineer researcher from Dieffenbacher, tackles tailored fiber placement and reinforced hybrid composites during the JEC conference session dedicated to the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) in the automotive industry.

Dieffenbacher brings valuable knowledge thanks to its expertise in the manufacturing of fiber-reinforced plastic components as well as major industries including the automotive one.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics have long only been used in the aeronautics industry or in high-end luxury vehicles because of their cost. However, with fuel consumption and carbon-emission being a major concern, the need to reduce structural weight has turned into a priority. Thus implying that the use of CFRP needs to evolve towards greater numbers in order to reduce costs.

The presentation will focus on material and process combinations for future automotive applications as well as integrated process chains and automation technology. It will conclude with multiple application examples.

Find out more about the Automotive session by signing up for it. It will take place on October 29th in Boston during the JEC Composite conferences.

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