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Arevo Labs announces additive manufacturing service to 3D print PEEK and PAEK composite

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21 Oct 2015

PEEK and PAEK composite parts to benefit Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and industries requiring on-demand part production.

Arevo Labs, leader in Additive Manufacturing Technology for Composite Parts, announced today the availability of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Services to make 3D printed composite parts for demanding end use applications. Available materials are PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and PAEK (polyaryletherketone) polymer based composite formulations that are optimized for additive manufacturing and set a new bar for performance.

Arevo Labs’ composite formulations use high performance polymer matrix with carbon nanotubes, carbon fiber and glass fiber. These composite materials elevate performance thresholds for strength, stiffness, durability, wear resistance, chemical resistance, thermal stability and electrostatic discharge (ESD) properties. For engineers and product developers, the result is an additive manufacturing with state-of-the-art materials to produce the most advanced thermoplastic composite parts available today, though materials are only part of the equation. The 3D printed parts are optimized for mechanical properties using Arevo’s advanced software algorithms that encompass Additive Finite Element Analysis and true 3D Printing for lighter stronger parts with unmatched properties at a lower cost.

“We are excited to announce commercial availability of 3D printed PEEK and PAEK composite parts for the first time,” said Hemant Bheda, CEO and founder of Arevo Labs. “We have successfully developed end use applications in Aerospace, Single Use Medical Devices, Oil & Gas and Factory Automation and are working closely with OEMs to scale up production.”

“Fabricating high performance composite parts with 3D printing opens up new design opportunities for us. The two main advantages are improved complex geometries and new material possibilities,” said Kent Holder, Product Line Manager at Superior Energy. Superior Energy serves the drilling, completion and production-related needs of oil and gas companies worldwide.

“I can confirm that the drone arm printed with Arevo’s Katevo-CF material with no internal structure is much stronger than a carbon fiber filled SLS arm with inner ribs,” says Ido Baruchin, Head of Design at Matternet. Matternet has developed the first smart drone for transportation, revolutionizing the last mile logistics.

About Arevo Labs:
Arevo Labs, based in Silicon Valley, California, develops technology to enable direct digital additive manufacturing of ultra strong composite parts for end use applications. Arevo’s technology consists of Advanced Composite Materials, Deposition Technology and Software Algorithms to optimize mechanical properties of printed parts. Arevo offers additive manufacturing services, additive software and composite materials to OEMs worldwide.