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Argosy aviation composites project officially started

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4 May 2012

Recently, AGROSY (Jiaxing) aviation material project "annual output of eighty thousand cubic meters composite and aluminum alloy products project" officially started construction in Xiuzhou New District Industrial park.

The project is invested by ARGOSY International. The investment intention plan was signed in May 2010 with a deal of zero rent for the land.


First phase stated on March 23rd, with a total land area of 26666.27 square meters and a total construction area of 25673.34 square meters. The project plans to invest 20 million US dollars. The NOMAX honeycomb core production and aviation aluminum alloy initial processing capacity will be achieved. The project will be completed in November, and start production by the end of this year, then the annual sales income will reach 60 million US dollar.


The phase two covers an area of 73260 square meters with an investment of 40 million US dollars. The NOMAX honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb parts manufacturing capacity will be achieved. As well as aerospace aluminum alloy CNC machining capacity will also be achieved then. The annual sales income will reach 200 million US dollar.


As a new type of aviation composite materials, compared with the traditional materials, NOMAX honeycomb has the advantages of light weight, high strength characteristics. It will greatly reduce the weight of parts and final products while still ensure the strength.


In addition to aviation field, it also has broad application prospects in the high-speed rail, yacht, wind power and other fields. In the mean time, it will lay a foundation to enter the international market and achieve annual sales income of 260 million US Dollars.



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