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Arkema and Xenia to develop carbon fiber reinforced long chain

News International-French

29 Mar 2016

The companies sign a cooperation agreement for the development of carbon fiber reinforced long chain polyamides, including Pebax thermoplastic elastomer.

These compounds will find various applications in sports, optical, and electronics, where toughness and lightness are crucial.

Carbon fiber technology enhances the performance of polymers in the search for lightness and strength. This technology allows the production of ultra-thin and lightweight parts while keeping extremely high stiffness and impact resistance.

Xenia, an innovative and dynamic company based in Italy, has developed expertise in compounding carbon fibers with thermoplastic polymers that aligns with the development strategy of Arkema’s Technical Polymers group.

In collaboration with Xenia, newly developed Pebax grades will have higher rigidity while keeping the universally recognized features of Pebax TPE. These include enduring elasticity and impact resistance even at extremely low temperature, and also outstanding processability through direct injection moulding.

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