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ArmaFORM PET foil – thin sheets made of recycled PET

News International-French

16 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Armacell is broadening its product portfolio to provide thin sheets made from recycled PET material as an alternative to XPE and XPP products.

Called ArmaFORM PET foil, this product offers outstanding thermal and chemical stability and thermoformability properties, and displays better insulation properties. Being a recyclable product already made of recycled material, this new development supports automotive companies and others in their drive towards sustainable solutions. ArmaFORM PET foil stands for a highly ecological product with significantly reduced CO2 emissions and cumulative energy demand compared to the products currently available on the market. Other properties such as mechanical characteristics (tensile, elongation at break, tear resistance) or acoustic performance fully match the market’s requirements.

Additionally, this foil can be easily processed and installed, displays strong moisture barrier properties, is water- and leak-proof, offers heat preservation and insulation properties, and is resistant to heat and cold (from -40°C up to 150°C, short-term 180°C) and to the main solvents and chemicals. A variety of different facings like non-wovens, aluminium, glass scrim, fabrics, etc. can be applied.

In the automotive field, ArmaFORM PET foil can be used for manufacturing door water shields, roof liners, engine bonnet insulations, trunk linings, and more. In building & construction, it can be used as a roofing material, padding under flooring, cladding panel, just to name a few possible applications.

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