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ArmaFORM PET, a full lightweight product range

News International-French

8 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013-Meeting the growing demand for weight-sensitive, fire-retardant and sustainable products for the composite industry, Armacell extends its structural core foams with a new low-density range (60 kg/m³).

The new lightweight range combines low density with the outstanding properties of the ArmaFORM PET AC, PET FR and PET GR product families.

ArmaFORM PET AC60 is the standard for the requirements of modern composite materials: low weight and high mechanical strength in conjunction with residual flexibility and maximum service life.

ArmaFORM PET FR60 offers best-in-class fire properties (NF F16-101; DIN 5510) for weight-sensitive applications with stringent flame, smoke and toxicity requirements.

ArmaFORM PET GR60 is lightweight and made 100% of recycled PET packaging waste – the ideal combination for highly sustainable requirements.

Like all ArmaFORM PET foams, the new 60 kg/m³ density range shows:
- Excellent damage tolerance
- Outstanding fatigue resistance
- Very long-term thermal stability
- Limited density variation (- Superior processing temperature of 150°C (short-term up to 180°C)
- Very good thermal insulation properties
- Fine and closed cell structure for limited water and resin absorption
- Excellent mechanical properties
- Thermoformability
- High chemical resistance, no corrosion or degradation
- Superior fire resistance
- Enhanced ecological footprint


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