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ARRK opens rapid CNC machining centre in UK

News International-French

7 Dec 2015

With its prototyping operations already growing significantly across Europe, ARRK announces that it has also expanded its operations in the UK by opening a dedicated building for Rapid CNC machining in Gloucester.

ARRK’s new 12,000sq. ft. facility, which sits adjacent to its existing rapid prototyping centre, has allowed ARRK to significantly increase the number of CNC machines to 10 in total, with a mixture of 5 axis and 3 axis machines.

Craig Vickers, ARRK’s European RP Operations Director, sees the move as an important part of the Prototyping Division’s continued growth and ongoing success. He explains: “To have this large CNC facility in the UK, offering customers a truly rapid turnaround, is an important addition to our capabilities and confirms ARRK’s intention to provide an even better service for our customers. Even with the ancillary equipment and operations needed to support such a department, there is still room for further growth and development”. This expansion follows last month’s announcement by ARRK of the opening of a new Rapid Prototyping facility in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

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